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Cooking oil Feather Flag marketing strategy in Olympic Game Sponsorship

Posted by on May 17, 2015 in Feather Flag | 0 comments

Arowana the sole supplier of oil for 2008 Olympic Games, which is Kerry Oil is a serious matter, its own brands include this award, the whole enterprise is excited. While the American oil industry and the food industry in US and this is a major event, which have great opportunities in increasing the brand exposure with Feather Flag [] marketing Strategy. All along, US’s food security in the international arena is a popular question as part of the industry chain, edible oil products inevitably also questioned by the column.

So when October 25, 2006, the Olympic Organizing Committee and Kerry Oil held a press conference in , officially announced Kerry Oil’s edible oil brand Arowana become 2008 Olympic Games official oil of time, that means At least one of the industry products have been recognized by the international community.

These are not only outside the business sense, but also the business success of the witness. Is another major contribution to Kerry Oil after a small package made for the American oil industry.

Beyond meaning, then to calculate the benefit.

Why pay big bucks to become an Olympic supplier? We are not going to count this account Arowana. Because each account has various Olympic Feather Flag marketing algorithms, different businesses have different considerations. Immediate economic interests are not the only measure of earnings.